Finding a property in Noida: Emporis Tower

Be careful while Investing, buying or renting a property must be done with utmost care. Because, the investment is huge. Not only you need to pay for the property but also need to spend a good sum to furnish it.This is why you should read the legal document very carefully. You should also look for the good-name of the developer. How many properties have they developed? How many properties they have successfully sold and rented? What is the market feedback about those properties.

These questions must be answered before you choose any property for your company or family.

We are Panache Realcon; we are the leading real estate consulting field in Delhi and NCR for a long time now. People trust us as we deliver what we promise. We don’t develop, that means, we don’t need to push our unsold properties to you to earn profit. We have tied up with different developers and obtained the permission to sell their properties. Thus, no matter what your need is, we have something for your exact need.

Emporis Tower Sector 140, Noida is the new addition to our collection. This is a brand new property which is being developed by Indoworld. We have acquired the exclusive rights to sell this property from the developers. Which means, anyone else claiming to be a seller is a fraud and you must beware of him? Even the developers won’t be selling this property directly.

Located in sector 140, this property is absolutely brilliant for your growing business. It because of its beautiful location. Your employees can come and go using the Noida Expressway quite easily. From backup power with dual supply metering with prepaid meter system to modern fire fighting system using smoke detectors and water sprinklers, we have everything. Worried about the security? We have manned reception desk and centrally manned security system.


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